Le Kokonut Bikini is a swimwear brand from Copenhagen, Denmark. The brand is founded by Mai Altschuler who has a passion for travelling and always seeking the summer season. Her idea of Le Kokonut Bikini was inspired by her first trip to a town called Bên Tre in Vietnam a small town well-known as “the capital of the coconuts”! This city produces everything you can imagine made out of coconuts! She wanted to recreate the vibe from this city and mix it with inspiration from her other travels, experiences of cultures and of course parties from all over the World. All the designs of Le Kokonut Bikini are joining Scandinavian Minimalism with exclusive Bohemian designs and focusing on innovation and originality. The brand is honoring the sexy elegant and independent girl. 
As an attribute to our swimwear collections we have added our choices of the ultimative summer essentials! Le Kokonut Towels originates from the old Turkish Pestemal Towel tradition a 100% cotton towel which is very light, ultra soft and makes your beach and pool trips very comfortable. Le Kokonut Eyewear is bringing the 60s cateye and 90s narrow matrix sunglasses back!  
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Kys Kys 
Le Kokonut Bikini